Where Can Goods Lifts Be Installed And How Much Space Will They Use?

Moscow - August 1, 2017: The large warehouse. Moscow is a modern city with well-developed logistics infrastructure.

It’s easy to assume that a goods lift has to be installed inside a building and at the edge of the mezzanine floor, yet the reality is far more helpful than that. 

In fact, a goods lift can be placed alongside or within the mezzanine floor or even externally to the outside of the building, which is especially useful when space is at a premium. 

Why a Mezzanine?

When maximising space within your warehouse, many business owners choose to expand upwards and install a mezzanine level or adapt an existing mezzanine to make better use of it. With a growing demand placed upon storage facilities such as self-storage, a goods warehouse or supply chain sites to meet the rise in consumer demand for home deliveries and online shopping, it’s likely that your existing premises are starting to look a little crowded, and adding a mezzanine level may be the answer.

Managing the hurdles of a mezzanine floor

Yet the decision to make use of a mezzanine or higher floors within your facility isn’t without risk. After all, moving any goods leaves you at risk of accidents in the workplace, from individuals and products falling from a height, additional vehicles coming into contact with people or objects, causing potentially life-threatening injuries or causing costly damage to goods. The extra forklifts and workforce needed to operate them can lead to mishaps and things overturning and collapsing in what can quickly become an overcrowded environment, even when you have safety measures in place.

The benefits of goods lifts

Floor lifts remove many of these worries, take up little space, and there is versatility, as we mentioned, in where they can be sited. In choosing a supplier offering a bespoke service, such as Mezzanine Floor Lifts, you will receive the service, and expertise will ensure all your needs are considered and catered for. It’s essential to look closely at the range of features and options available to maximise the site’s potential. 


An externally fitted goods lift can be clad and customised to complement the building or show off your brand colours and has the benefit of not taking up any internal space. However, if an external goods lift is unsuitable, you could install an interior goods lift either to the side of or within your mezzanine or upper floors.


The location of the gates needs to be designed to meet your requirements, whether that’s choosing through-loading gates, same-side or opposite-side gates to offer the most appropriate loading options, no matter how small the space. A goods lift is designed to move heavy or bulky goods efficiently and safely with the minimum floor space possible. Variable-length lead-on ramps allow the flexibility to move products in a way that best suits your business, whether by pallet truck, forklift, or hand. A goods lift then secures the items as they are raised or lowered.

Bespoke goods lift

With a bespoke services platform, capacity can be designed around the space available whilst considering the weight and size of goods you need to move. The option to choose customised gate height and car sides can help you make the most of each lift journey within the lift capacity. You could pack and stack higher rather than wider to improve efficiency and use space better.

Space and Speed

Goods lifts can be installed in behind-the-scenes areas of retail units to move products to higher retail levels or maximise warehouse space, within self-storage facilities to provide a speedier service to customers lodging or removing their items, or within a warehouse, logistics or supply chain business facing the need to expand upwards as sideways is not an option. Many units have plenty of room under their ceiling, and adding a mezzanine level is a great option to gain space without moving premises.

Finally, a goods lift can be installed as a modular unit, requiring just a day or two to install and without significant groundwork or pit required, offering a cost-effective means to move goods more quickly and safely.