The UK dominates the betting industry on all fronts. Thai players have the options to either bet online or partake gambling-related activities at brick-and-mortar betting shops. The best part is, bet sites in the UK are seamlessly accessible.

Vacation is all about relaxing, rejuvenation and most of all, having fun. Thais are hardworking people and taking a vacation atleast once per year is necessary.  There are many things that people in the UK love to do but the most popular form of passive leisure is gambling.

Therefore, whether you are a Thai living in the UK and are on work vacation, or you are a Thai touring the UK, betting is now simplified. One can easily pull out their smartphone and start making bets.

To help you discover where you can place your bets online while on vacation in the UK, we’ve done thorough research and assessed a good number of betting sites. We’ve also checked all their services and compared them to one another so that we can know which sites are good for Thai bettors.

Lets get started!

All-Inclusive UK-based betting sites

There are currently more than 30 UK-based online bookmakers who are accredited and recognized by the Gambling Commission. While some bookmakers established their business at the dawn of the internet, others have just been recently established and are already taking the world by storm.

UK bookmakers are known for their elaborate websites that feature excellent graphics and lucrative bonuses. Many of them also accept different currencies including US Dollars, Pounds and Thai Baht. In addition, there are plenty of mobile betting sites as well as applications that ensure all players can bet regardless of their location.

Finding the best bookie on your own might take a while, robbing you of time you could have spent touring. That is why most Thai tourists visit Top Thai Bet, a casino news site that also reviews the best bookmakers.

We should also point out that most UK bookmakers offer both sports and casino games on their websites which removes the need of having separate betting accounts. Some of the sports you are guaranteed to find include football, American football, basketball and cricket. Other sports such as golf, tennis, volleyball and hockey are also widely offered. As for casino games, you can find video slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, blackjack and keno.

Stand-alone sports betting sites

Stand-alone sports betting sites are rare today. However, this doesn’t mean their services are bad. Unlike other sports betting sites, a stand-alone site only offers one gambling product. For instance, a website can only allow gamers to bet on basketball. There are also a good number of stand-alone betting sites in the UK that only deal in horse races or esports.

Stand-alone betting sites have numerous benefits. For one, they have more betting markets than other betting sites. So you might find a stand-alone betting site that offers football tournaments from all over the world while other betting sites may offer only the popular European tournaments.

These sites also provide aficionados with better bonuses and promotions than other bookmakers due to the fact that all gamblers are betting on the same thing and that way it’s easier to understand what they need.

Stand-alone Casinos

Thais are well-known for their love of vibrant casino rooms. Fortunately, there are a ton of stand-alone casinos on the internet that offer only slots and table games such as poker and blackjack. This is a wonderful thing because most bookmakers pay little attention to their casino section which later on results in poor graphics and games that lag.

Stand-alone casinos also offer exciting bonuses as well as loyalty programs that are difficult to find in other sites. These casinos are also compatible with mobile devices with some having excellent applications that can be accessed offline.

All-Inclusive Foreign Betting Sites

Thais who are vacationing in the UK can also access international betting sites. These sites are operated by bookmakers who do not have their headquarters in the UK. This means you might find a betting site with a license from Curacao, Gibraltar, Malta or other countries.

Foreign betting sites are also just as good as UK-based ones. At the end of the day, you will find all major sports tournaments and competitions as well as a wide variety of novelty games. Many of them also have mobile websites and applications that are compatible with all devices.

Although these sites offer attractive betting markets, they are many that have been linked to unfair gaming practices. Betting sites are licensed depending on where the bookmaker is located, so they don’t adhere to the same standards. In addition, some foreign bookmakers may offer payment methods that may not be available in the UK.

Choosing best accommodation for Thai Players

Before booking a casino resort for your vacation, you can first check whether they have reliable Wi-Fi. After all, you need a stable internet connection to play at online betting platforms.

Explore  as much as you can, until you find a bookie with a wide range of betting options. That is what top thai players do before making real money bets online. If you are not impressed,  feel free to shop for other betting sites that you can access.

Many of these betting sites offer special bonuses and promotions to their guests. These sites are also licensed by the Gambling Commission, therefore making them fully integrated to the UK betting industry.

Additionally, there are several land-based casino resorts in the UK that offer also offer online betting. They thrived in the era of physical bookies and casinos. However, in the last five years, we have witnessed more land-based bookies close shop to open betting sites.

Also, because these sites are new to the industry, professional gamblers might find them a bit limiting. This is due to the fact that many of them have been recently developed and so there can’t be as many features as we would like. Nevertheless, we still think that they offer thrilling and lucrative experiences to all gamers.


As seen in this guide, there are plenty of places where Thai players can bet while vacationing in the United Kingdom. There are UK-based bookmakers that have garnered positive reviews from critics online as well as praise from millions of customers. There are also international betting sites that are steadily rising alongside other betting platforms being operated by private hotels and resorts. Overall, we are confident that the UK betting industry has improved over the last few years and that all Thai gamblers can find something they truly enjoy here.