For so many of us, family is everything. The light of our lives, the support we need through the good and bad, family is always there. As parents and older relatives get older and require more care or assistance, many, many families face the difficult process of having to find a safer place for them to live. 

In the current economic climate, this can be an incredibly challenging financial situation to be placed in. As care homes and live-in facilities are so expensive, you may be seeking alternative solutions. Hoping to avoid having to sell property or take out a loan in order to cover expenses that could reach up to £33,000 per year! 

One of these other options being, the development of a granny annexe in your own garden. In this article, from garden room company, Swift Org, we explore why a granny annexe is a great solution for families in this predicament. 

Create a safe and secure environment

A living annexe at the bottom of your garden creates a safe and secure environment for elderly relatives that still allows them to be independent. It is the ideal solution, specifically for older parents and grandparents who require some assistance but do not need full-time, round-the-clock care. 

Not only is a granny annexe separate to your home, but it can be fitted with all the amenities and facilities a single person or couple would need to live comfortably. This includes a kitchenette, living area, bathroom with running water, wifi and tv signal. Plus, for those with extra needs, supports like handle rails and wheelchair ramps can also be designed within the build of your granny annexe. With a modern, quality granny annexe, your elderly parents will not feel as though they are living in a spare room or in a shed-like structure, rather, it will feel like a whole new home. 

You will be within close proximity

As your parents get older and responsibility to care for them lands on your shoulders, you will often feel anxiety and worry around their whereabouts and wellbeing. With a granny annexe you will gain some peace of mind knowing they are only a short walk, down the garden away. And any incident or accident that does occur can be quickly resolved, since you will be in such close proximity. 

Despite being so close, however, you will not feel as though your parents have moved in with you. You can both continue to enjoy having your own space and independence. Whilst also spending much more quality, family time together. 


A granny annexe is a good investment 

According to recent research, adding to your property with a garden room or granny annexe is a smart investment that can add value to your property. In fact, this could add value up to between a staggering 20-30%! 

In comparison to the rising costs of care homes, many families who have already decided to add a granny annexe to their property found the money spent on the annexe would have only covered a short amount of time living in a care home.