World’s First Flavoured Vodka In A Paper Bottle Launches In Tesco Stores In Wales

Two innovative companies in south Wales have formed a green alliance to bring flavoured vodka in paper bottles to 124 Tesco stores in Wales.

Flawless Vodka is now the world’s first brand to launch flavoured vodka in paper ‘Frugal Bottles’, which are five times lighter than glass bottles and have a carbon footprint up to six times lower.

The award-winning Frugal Bottle is the world’s first and only commercially available wine, spirits and olive oil bottle made from recycled paper.

Made of 94% recycled paperboard with a food grade pouch to contain the vodka, the bottles were filled at nearby Hensol Castle Distillery which has launched a new contract packing service for paper bottles to help other brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Newport-based Flawless Vodka produces an extraordinary range of flavoured all-grain vodka which is distilled then diluted using water from Brecon Beacons. This results in added minerality and a drink bursting with natural flavours.

The two Flawless Vodka paper bottles now in Tesco are:


  • Raspberry Ripple – evokes the nostalgia of the ice cream. Naturally plump, juicy wild raspberries are pulped with vanilla pods to elicit that delicious ripple mix.
  • Yuzu & Blood Orange – a refreshing citric blend full of zest and pith. The juicy flesh of a blood orange is extracted for its versatile sweetness and then crushed. Yuzu, found in Japan, has nuances of grapefruit and lime. When paired with blood orange, the flavours collide creating an extraordinary aroma and flavour.

Flawless Vodka founder Steve Hoskins said: “We are seriously proud of our fantastic range of flavoured, high-quality vodka and needed the packaging to reflect that excellence.

“Glass bottles have been part of the vodka-drinking tradition for centuries but making the bottles requires huge amounts of energy and recycling rates for glass are also poor compared to sustainable paperboard bottles.

All that was left was to find a partner to produce our vodka recipes and to fill and cap our paper bottles. We found the perfect match in Hensol Castle Distillery who share our energy and ethos – we have a ton of synergies!’’

Tesco Wales buyer Nathan Edwards said: “At Tesco, we strive to be as sustainable as possible. Flawless Vodka’s sustainable approach behind the drinks falls in line with our ethos to tackle every challenge with a sustainability-first viewpoint.

“I am proud that we have added them to our range in Wales and we look forward to growing our relationship with this exciting South Wales business.”

Hensol Castle Distillery Managing Director Chris Leeke said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative local Welsh business making one of the most sustainable vodka brands in the world.  Not only is the packaging sustainable, the vodka is fantastic.

“By offering our new paper bottle contract packing service at Hensol Castle Distillery, we look forward to helping other drinks producers to decarbonise.”

Frugalpac CEO Malcolm Waugh said: “Wales has been a world leader in sustainability and we’re delighted that Flawless Vodka and Hensol Castle Distillery are leading the paper bottle revolution there.

“As well as the great achievement of getting listed in Tesco, their partnership to fill our Frugal Bottles will allow other drinks brands in the UK to make the move from glass to paper, cutting their packaging carbon emissions by 84%.”