Wales is an amazing country with brilliant opportunities for all people. However, what is the other reasons for moving to Wales? Discover top facts about our breathtaking country and people right here below.

Before You Start

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Top 7 Reasons To Move To Wales

Moving to Wales is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. And here is why.

Save A Good Deal Of Money

Living in Cardiff is much cheaper than in London. The fact is that accommodation, transport, and other services are more affordable for a common British family. However, the standards of living are exactly the same.

Have A Good Job

Wales is a place of fantastic opportunities. The country has been developing at a railway speed, offering more jobs and career prospects. If you would like to change your job or launch your business, welcome to Wales!

A large Number Of Colleges

Those planning to continue their studies can also benefit from living in this beautiful country. There are dozens of colleges and universities with a large number of different fields of study to choose from. You can learn business, math, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, accounting, finances, geography, and many other subjects according to your particular preferences. Moreover, student life in Wales is unforgettable.

Healthier Environment

Even the biggest cities in Wales are not as polluted as those in England. First, there is no hard traffic. Second, the number of plants and factories that cause air pollution is very law. If you are suffering from allergies or other health conditions related to bad ecology, it’s time to move to Wales. Once you move, you are likely to get relief from many allergy symptoms and start feeling healthier.

Incredible Nature

Wales can boast of having lots of parks, lakes, and stunning beaches. You can easily live a healthy way of life in this country, enjoy beautiful nature, and forget about busy and overcrowded cities. Hiking, having a bike trip, and just lying on a sunny beach might become your favourite activities in your leisure time.

Diverse Entertainment Options

You will never feel bored in Wales. Hundreds of cozy cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries, and historical places are opened to locals and tourists. There are also numerous activities for extreme lovers to test their nerves. Moreover, the country is known to have a whopping number of different festivals, including Brecon Jazz, Hay festival, Green Man, Gottwood, and Elvis Festival. The events take place all year round, so you will be able to enjoy visiting various festivals almost anytime.

Happy People

Welsh are happy and welcoming people. They are very communicative, friendly, loyal, and open-minded. Therefore, finding dozens of new friends and mates will not be a problem for anyone.


Wales is a dream country for many people. You are not likely to regret moving here since there are lots of educational and career opportunities, beautiful nature, an excellent ecological environment, lots of entertainment activities, and welcoming people.