Slowly but surely, iGaming has become one of the most popular forms of gaming out there and has recently experienced a boost in membership across many platforms. It was reported that iGaming, specifically remote gambling and slot gaming, generated just over £4 billion in 2023 – record revenues for many UK gambling firms.

iGaming encompasses everything from sports betting to online poker and bingo, so there are a lot of options for you to choose from. If you’re dipping your toe in for the first time, it may be tricky to know where to start. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about iGaming, including why it is so popular and how it has changed over the past few years.

What is iGaming?

As previously mentioned, iGaming includes any form of online betting where receiving monetary prizes hinges on the future outcome of a game or event. Online games that don’t involve betting are not considered iGaming. A wide variety of wager-based activities fall into this category, such as horse racing, mobile gambling and online casino games.

The offering of the iGaming industry has grown drastically, thanks to technological advancements and internet developments. While before you had to visit a land-based casino or shop to place a bet, now you can enjoy activities like mobile slots all from the comfort of your own home.

The Evolution of iGaming

The past few years have proven to be incredibly dynamic for iGaming. The unparalleled convenience of cashless transactions, unrivalled accessibility and customisation and social potential of online gambling have the British public hooked. You can also link the popularity of online gambling to the development of user-friendly interfaces and more sophisticated software.

The COVID-19 pandemic unlocked the possibilities of iGaming, displaying trends of how Brits confined to their homes spend their time. A sizeable portion of British punters turned to online casino games and iGaming when the usual sporting events were cancelled.

The Future of iGaming

As technology continues to develop and consumer preferences naturally evolve, so too will the iGaming industry. Keeping on top of emerging trends is essential for iGaming to maintain the explosive growth it has experienced in recent years.

IGaming will likely turn its focus to AR and VR technology that is currently dominating the general gaming industry. Another emerging trend that may find a foothold in online gambling is blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This will provide more opportunities for monetisation and in-game ownership, as well as better security and transparency.

As iGaming evolves, it is expected that regulations and legislation will adapt alongside it. UK gambling firms and punters should be prepared to change services and habits to stay compliant.