There is a growing world of content creators, some of which do not even consider themselves to be content creators. Although a majority of content creators consider themselves to be amateur, it still doesn’t rule out the fact that it is a booming market.

Back in the day, a lot of people didn’t know that signing up on Youtube meant they had created an account to post content themselves. They were just there to consume content. Now we have clusters of active Youtube accounts in almost every niche you could think of. People are creating content, be it for fun, work or documentation.

Nevertheless, the first thing that is required of you is to realise that you are a content creator. You can get this realisation by looking at the type of activities you do or the platforms you find yourself on. For example, an easy analysis is that all the streamers on Allcreate are content creators of some kind, and the same goes for the tiktokers.

Why should you start content creation?

Being a content creator is applicable to many types of people (to be very honest, it’s applicable to everyone) regardless of their age, preferences and status. The main aim is usually getting paid but there are many other reasons to start creating content. 

With content creation, you can:

  1. Make a living
  2. Make new friends, fans and followers 
  3. Reduce boredom
  4. Create awareness of anything 
  5. Document occurrences 

The best part is that it could start off as a hobby and end up becoming all you need to survive.

The basics of content creation:

There are simple guides to becoming a content creator that you need to know about. A lot of creators fail from the start without even knowing it. They jump into the creation process without properly planning and laying a template on which the content would be built.

Here are a few things you need to do before you begin your content creation journey:

  • Pick a niche: It is important to know the community you belong to, by picking a niche for yourself where most of your content will have its focus. This is you knowing the umbrella to which your content belongs to, the topics that are connected and can be used, as well as the people who are more attracted to it. Creating content without having a niche will have you feeling lost.
  • Build your brand: To execute a worthy chance at your content being noticed, you need to stand out. This is where branding comes in. Proper branding will get you ready for many things. The branding would include unique features to your craft like something you could keep saying, the way you look, or the way you present things. This branding is what differentiates you from your competitors and makes other brands notice you and want to collaborate with you. 
  • Pick your target audience: Depending on the platform you are on, you could have a wide range of audience types. It’s not your job to feed them all content, there are many creators to go around. There are over 25 million active Youtube channels having more than 100 subscribers, you can’t have all the subscribers to yourself. It’s like a pie that you are sharing with your other creators, you pick your slice and you move on. It doesn’t limit you in any way, your audience will keep growing no matter the niche you choose.
  • Start small: To grow, you need confidence and you need an audience. The huge platforms have their pros, in that, there is access to a huge audience already. However. They also have their cons, seeing as there would,  in turn, be a huge number of content creators. It gets more difficult looking to get that banging tweet or that skit that blows up. This is why it is usually best to appreciate the essence of starting from a smaller community. Your best bet is usually close friends and family, getting them to follow you will already give you numbers. Another idea is to benefit from new and improving platforms where there are attentive communities and space to shine. Such platforms such as Clubhouse and Allcreate will give you a great boost and orientation to content creation proper.
  • Make appearances and collaborations: The essence of social media platforms and having accounts is that you have your own space to express yourself. But, for your account to be found, people need to search for you or your content. As newbies when people search for your type of content,  it’s usually unlikely that yours will pop up immediately, you’re like a needle in a haystack. Having a brand identity helps differentiate you, but you need to do more to be seen. This is where making appearances comes in. You need to make an effort to leave the comfort of your account and make significant appearances online. Partake in online and offline events, make contributions and interact. This will not only put you out there but also open you to opportunities.

These steps will help you build a solid foundation on your road to becoming a pretty great content creator. However,  the most important part isn’t there yet.

The advice most new content creators need in 2022

A solid foundation is a priority for you doing well in delivering content and also having a place in the creator economy,  and you will achieve these with the steps already listed above. Attaining huge success and also maintaining it, hinges on a very important aspect, one which you already know or have heard a couple of times.


This is the golden rule of content creation. It is what gives you the best shot at engagements, increasing your followership, getting endorsed or approached by businesses and many more. Practice really does make perfect, but in this case it also brings followers and engagements.

How to consistently create content?

As easy as making content consistently might sound, it’s difficult to maintain. It’s easy to be discouraged, tired or even lazy, especially when you are not getting engagements on your previous posts. You have to keep in mind that your next one might be your best yet.

Hardwork and perseverance are two great keys to success, even great men of old had it hard at the beginning. Keep churning out those contents. The best part is that when one of your content blows up, it tells on the others. Once people discover you, they are inclined to go through your catalogue and see what you are all about, and that is more views for you.

Here are a few tips to keep you on your toes and help you on the journey:

  • Make use of content calendars to plan your daily, weekly or monthly releases
  • Interact often with your audience, so they can give you feedbacks and hold you responsible for lack of content
  • Make content ahead of time and schedule their releases
  • Keep up with people who release similar content to see how they are doing and stay motivated
  • Come up with 3 or 4 part series content, to increase the pressure on you on having to complete them
  • Always update your knowledge,  the more you learn the more you want to experiment and create content