Groundwater investigation for the BGS in Caerau, Wales

The British Geological Survey (BGS) hired Robertson Geo Engineers to provide data on the groundwaters of a disused mine in the town of Caerau which will be converted into a geothermal energy centre.

For more than 40 years, Robertson GEO has been a pioneer developer of geophysical wireline borehole logging technologies and techniques. With its UK headquarters based in Deganwy, North Wales, the company is the market leader in its sector.

The data contributes to research by the BGS which aims to locate and categorise similar mines based on their geothermal energy potential, creating a heat map of the UK’s geothermal resources.

Such work has attracted a £6.5 million investment by the UK government for repurposing Caeraus mines into a source of geothermal energy using heat pump technology to further heat the warm mine waters. These waters would be passed through heat exchangers to provide heating to the homes of Caerau, creating the largest mine water heating network in the UK. Projects like this have the potential to not only revolutionise green energy in the UK, but also to minimise pollution from mine waters and protect the invaluable ecosystems of these rural communities.