It is nice to evolve your home decor and interiors to match the seasons. Whether that’s by adding some seasonal home accessories, or by decorating a room to embrace your favourite time of year. Taking inspiration from the seasons lets you reflect changes in the natural world. If you are planning on changing up your interiors this Autumn/Winter season, be sure to embrace plenty of warm textiles. Throws, blankets, soft cushion covers and rugs will bring warmth and cosiness to any room in your home. Lighting also plays a part in the atmosphere in your home. Warm uplighting and soft spotlights will help create an inviting, cosy ambience on any winter’s evening. For Autumn and Winter in 2023, the 70’s are making a comeback. Embrace this by exploring vintage furniture and accessories, or choosing earthy tones and bold florals to decorate a room.

Household repairs made easy

Mending broken or damaged household items is a practical way to reduce waste as well as save money. It is also more eco-friendly than replacing things. Whether it’s repairing small furniture, appliances or electronics, or giving an area of your home a deep clean, there is often an easy hack that makes household maintenance quick and easy. Instead of using a hammer and nails to fix things, for example, there is often glue available that is durable, and suitable for repairs – this can make the task quick and easy. Glues can even be used to repair fabric, which makes mending tears in the likes of curtains, bedding, or sofas very easy. Great news for cat owners in particular!

If you need to repair fabric or upholstery like a sofa cover, curtains, or cushion covers, here’s what to do.

  • When repairing a tear in a sofa, use pins to hold the fabric in place before placing a line of fabric glue along the opening
  • Hold or press it together to dry. Heavier fabrics will need strong pressure applied
  • Once dry, you can remove excess glue by scraping it away carefully with something sharp. A razor blade or knife will usually do the trick
  • These steps can be followed for any fabric, whether it’s curtains, cushion covers or even clothing or soft toys

DIY projects and working with wood

If you are planning to build something new for your home, it is worth researching the best wood to use for a DIY project. If you are building something like shelves or kid’s furniture, pine is a great choice as it is soft, lightweight, and easy to work with. Oak is a good all-rounder and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture, while cedar is best suited to outdoor furniture. It is highly resistant and durable, as well as easy to clean and maintain.

Repairing broken furniture

When it comes to fixing broken furniture, begin by assessing the damage. Loose joints can be repaired with a suitable glue, while minor scratches can be touched up with wood filler. In some cases, replacement parts may be needed, in particular if legs or supporting structures are broken. Screws and brackets can be used to reinforce weak spots. When repairing wooden items, it is important to sand any area you work on afterwards. This will smoothen the surface giving it a fresh new look. Finish the piece by giving it a fresh cost of paint or wood stain, to truly make it look as good as new.

DIY equipment

DIY projects don’t have to be costly. Upcycling or repairing existing furniture and household items is a great way to extend the shelf life of your possessions, while also saving the pennies. Just be sure to have the right tools and equipment to hand before starting your project. Regardless of whether you rent or own your home, or whether you live in a house or apartment, there are lots of ways to decorate and uplift your space throughout the year. Research online to find the best ideas and tips before embarking on a project.

To sum up, adapting your home decor to the seasons can bring a refreshing change, and also connect your living space to the natural rhythms of the outside world. Whether you’re adding cozy textiles for the colder months or embracing vibrant accessories for spring and summer, each season offers an opportunity to transform your home into a sanctuary inspired by the beauty of nature. So, as you embark on DIY projects, repairs, and interior design updates, remember that your home is a canvas, waiting to reflect the warmth and character of every season.