In your search for new ways to elevate your car dealership, you may have come across marketing analytics tools.

But what are they and why are they so important when it comes to boosting your marketing?

Read on to find out how one particular analytics tool – call tracking – works, and why you need it in your car dealership.

How does call tracking software work?

Call tracking software is one of the best marketing analytics tools, and it allows you to accurately track every customer call to your dealership. Not only this, but you can extensively analyse each interaction using the software’s analytics, and understand your marketing in more depth.

For every call you receive, the software can help you trace the specific marketing source that produced the call. This also includes every touchpoint the customer visited before, during, and after the call.

The software can also insert dynamic numbers on your website, so with each caller, you can view the full customer journey in detail.

With visitor-level tracking, this also means any customers who quit and then rejoin a session on your website will still have their full journeys displayed.

Call tracking is the ultimate analytics tool when it comes to providing a full picture of your marketing performance, and how effectively leads and sales are being generated for your dealership.

Ramping up your dealership with call tracking

You can enhance your dealership’s marketing efforts in various ways with call tracking, including things such as:

  • Full visibility for your marketing

Call tracking provides you with full visibility over your marketing, which is essential for making informed strategies.

The software can help you analyse the effectiveness of every activity, campaign, and channel, where you can see how many leads and sales are being generated from each.

On top of that, you can view the data in more detail, such as by comparing the number of visitors to the number of calls produced from every activity, with the visitor to call ratio. On top of this, you could view how your calls to action are contributing to conversions and sales with call to action tracking.

With analytics like this, you’ll have everything you need to identify your marketing’s strengths and weaknesses and make the appropriate adjustments for your dealership.

  • Improving the customer experience

With call tracking, you can also improve the customer experience when trying to purchase a car.

The software offers speech analytics which can transcribe every call and pick up on any important keywords mentioned in the conversation.

This can highlight common queries and needs of your clients, and future clients, when it comes to buying a car. For example, knowing the best car for each budget range, the delivery times, or the right engine size, for instance.

By understanding these call patterns, you can more effectively prepare to meet every customer’s need and ensure they receive the right reception from your customer service team. In turn, this could make them more likely to purchase a car.

  • Maximising your paid ad conversions

You can also use call tracking to maximise your paid ad conversions. The software can show you which of your pay-per-click (PPC) ads are generating the most conversions for your dealership.

This can be through immediately making a call or funnelling further down before converting. This highlights which of your PPC ads are most valuable for your business.

As a result, you can invest more of your resources into your most successful PPC ads, so you can further increase the number of conversions.

Also, you can identify and replicate elements from these ads in any new activities, to ensure they also produce a high number of calls for your dealership – such as a certain tone of content or a unique call to action.

Driving new revenue to your dealership no longer needs to feel complex with expert call tracking software implemented in your marketing.