Running a warehouse requires loading bay equipment compatible with the range of vehicles and products it services. Loading-bay equipment should help your business to run safely with minimal manual handling and maximum efficiency.

Such equipment should help your business effectively manage all vehicle traffic that delivers or collects goods from your premises, from large double-deck units to smaller vehicles and forklifts within an area that protects the goods, people and warehouse environment.

Getting The Right Equipment For Your Warehouse

Many loading bay equipment products are available to help you transform your warehouse operations. Specialist loading bay suppliers such as Fen-Bay Services offer nationwide services covering the manufacture, fitting, service and maintenance of loading bay solutions to meet the increasing efficiency demands of modern logistics and warehouse servicing.

As well as improving efficiency, dock shelters and loading solutions will help protect your goods from inclement weather, dust and insects as they produce a seal between the vehicle and the premises. Temperature control within the warehouse is better controlled, which can reduce energy consumption and provide a more comfortable and safer working environment when the weather outside is unfavourable. 

What Solutions Are There?

Here are some of the loading bay solutions that will improve safety and logistical operations within your factory or warehouse:

  • Dock Shelters – Dock shelters manufactured to suit your business needs will enable vehicles of all sizes to safely dock for loading and unloading. Generally consisting of a galvanised compressible frame with rugged top and side flaps to offer an easy-to-assemble, cost-effective loading bay. Its modular easy-assemble elements make it simple to replace individual parts over time.
  • Inflatable Dock Shelters – Inflatable head and side bags give an airtight seal, making them highly suitable for temperature-controlled environments. They offer protection against cold air or heat loss from the building. The bags are stored safely behind high-vis head and side curtains when deflated to protect them from damage. The inflatable cushions work with a range of vehicle sizes.
  • Dock Houses – These are offered as insulated or non-insulated stand-alone units. The structure can be fitted directly to the outside face of the building. External placement of the dock house will give you extra warehouse space while providing a secure, sealed environment to load and unload goods safely. Installed with minimal disruption to loading bay areas, a dock house can be added to new and existing facilities.
  • Loading Bay Doors – loading bay door installations can be tailored to individual requirements for design finish and operating systems. They are suitable for high use requiring durable, reliable and energy-efficient loading bay solutions. They can work as interlocked units or be designed to work alongside other loading bay equipment.
  • Dock Levellers – these solutions include telescopic-lip docks, swing lips and manual edge-of-dock levellers suitable for bridging height differences in the warehouse floor and the vehicle to ensure safer vehicle loading and unloading. Loads can be transported with a single movement, significantly improving efficiency and the risk of damaged goods or personnel injury.
  • Dock Leveller Pits – Self-hanging or suspended pits require no frame to secure them. The frame is an integral part of the leveller to leave free space for tail-lift parking. Embedded pits can be installed with pre-cast pits, which simply require welding to join. Major civil works are unnecessary and can be replaced or removed easily. Designs can be adapted to cope with tail-lift and non-tail-lift vehicles.
  • Dock Pads – An exceptionally cost-effective solution to seal a vehicle’s rear to your loading bay. The pads should be closely matched to the vehicle’s height and width and are designed as bespoke units with timber or galvanised steel-backed boards covered with durable PVC.

Reaping the benefits of loading bay equipment

Loading-bay equipment improves safety and enables faster, more streamlined delivery and collection of products, raw materials and warehouse stock. Greater efficiency and loading bay safety will result in lower costs, speedier delivery timeframes and lower energy consumption, and take a look at these