Hyphabit launches Connectivity Navigator to simplify the Internet of Things for small businesses

Hyphabit – an Abergavenny-based, Internet of Things (IoT) start-up, is on a mission to make the Internet of Things more accessible to small and medium sized businesses with the launch of their Connectivity Navigator online tool.

The Connectivity Navigator requires no knowledge of IoT to use. In only six straightforward questions it allows you to find the best network connection type for your needs – the most basic requirement for getting your devices connected. Recognising that not every network type is available everywhere, the Connectivity Navigator also gives the next best option in case the first-choice network is not available in your location.

IoT can help businesses do more with less. However, this opportunity is still not readily understood or accessible for small and medium sized businesses. Hyphabit is on a mission to fix that and help them deliver those benefits.

Their website already provides a growing body of straightforward IoT information for business owners, including global network and network technology availability for Mobile, Sigfox and LoRa. It also helps to identify where network closures are planned. This is a key issue as the pace of 2G and 3G network closures is increasing and around 60% of current wireless IoT connections rely on those technologies.

The Connectivity Navigator is a first step. In development there is an online “one stop shop”. This will allow businesses to discover, buy, deploy and manage IoT solutions – simply and cost effectively. Hyphabit are committed to helping smaller businesses get the most from their operations and increase profitability. This could be counting people in shops, knowing when to collect filled skips or switching on machines, lights or valves remotely.

David Steel, co-founder of Hyphabit said “At least half of the widely projected rapid growth in IoT will come from businesses that have not deployed it so far – and they are unlikely to have the time or money to spend on understanding how to do it. That means they are losing opportunities, and IoT is not achieving all it could. The valuable insights, simplicity and efficiency that IoT can deliver are ironically missing for IoT itself – and at Hyphabit we are focused on fixing that, for everybody’s benefit.”

To learn more, visit https://hyphabit.io/connectivity-navigator/