Swansea is the most festive city in the UK, according to when families put up their Xmas decs


Swansea has been crowned the most festive place in the UK with families putting up their Christmas decorations earlier than anywhere else in Britain.

While households across the nation are often divided when it comes to deciding when they should start decorating their house, it seems those in Swansea have concluded the earlier the better.

Having asked 1,000 Brits from across a number of different cities and counties when they put up their Christmas decorations, it was those living in Swansea who said they hang them up the earliest – an average of 49 days before Christmas Day. That’s November 6!

The research carried out by electrical wholesaler ERF, found people in Stirlingshire, Scotland, are almost as desperate as those in Swansea to untangle their lights and unbox their baubles with residents deciding that 48 days before Christmas Day is the perfect time to decorate their house.

In contrast, if you live in Shropshire, you’ll do well to find any houses lit up before December with residents waiting until December 6 to get into the festive spirit.

Those living in Renfrewshire and Lothian are equally as reluctant to spread the festive joy with Scots living in these two locations also leaving it until 19 days before Christmas to get the decorations out.

The most festive cities/counties in the UK (based on when families put up their Christmas decorations)

City/county Days before Christmas families decorate their houses (Avg) Date
Swansea 49 6th November
Stirlingshire 48 7th November
Antrim 44 11th November
Northumberland 42 13th November
Bedfordshire 36 19th November
Aberdeenshire 35 20th November
Gloucestershire 33 22nd November
Staffordshire 33 22nd November
Bath 30 25th November
Leicestershire 30 25th November
Cornwall 29 26th November
Somerset 29 26th November

The least festive cities/counties in the UK (based on when families put up their Christmas decorations)

City/county Days before Christmas families decorate their houses (Avg) Date
Shropshire 19 6th December
Renfrewshire 19 6th December
Lothian 19 6th December
Cambridgeshire 20 5th December
Lincolnshire 20 5th December
Sussex 20 5th December
Wiltshire 20 5th December
Derbyshire 21 4th December
Worcestershire 21 4th December
Ayrshire 22 3rd December
Buckinghamshire 22 3rd December
Devon 22 3rd December

Taking into account all of the regional variations, the average number of days before Christmas Day Brits get their decorations out is 27 (November 28).

This year, November 28 falls on a Sunday and perhaps rather fittingly this conforms with traditions which state Christmas trees and decorations should be put up at the beginning of Advent – which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day.

Unsurprisingly for those who fight each year with their parents about the decorations, the research also found age plays a big part in determining the date.

The data confirms that younger people favour putting up their decorations earlier, compared to older generations.

Under 35s put their decorations up 29 days before Christmas versus over 35s who put them up 24 days prior.

Aside from Christmas decorations, the tree itself is really the star of the show. Buying a real tree or pulling out the same artificial one each year is yet another preference that Brits are firmly set on.

Out of the two options, over two-thirds (68%) of people present an artificial tree in their home, as opposed to a real one.

Let’s not get started on the 6% of Brits who celebrate Christmas but don’t even bother to put up a tree!