Optimize your Company’s Financial Processes with Wallester: All About Wallester Debit Card

Written by Denis Ljubimov

Do you want to quickly and easily upgrade your corporate payments and increase your company’s overall productivity? Take advantage of Wallester’s unique platform https://wallester.com to launch your card program. Card solutions help you effectively manage and grow your business in any area. With Wallester, you can issue physical and virtual Visa cards for any purpose. It will help you increase customer loyalty, promote your brand and build harmonious relationships with suppliers and partners.


Features of the Wallester platform

Wallester provides a user-friendly API platform that integrates as quickly as possible into any company’s existing financial system. Businesses do not have to wait months for the payment function to integrate. It becomes active immediately after installing and configuring the platform.

With the Wallester platform, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Issue payment cards for any purpose. These can be payroll projects, vendor payment cards, single-use cards for secure online purchases, prepaid travel cards, gifts, transportation, or youth cards. Countless cards of any kind are issued instantly.
  2. Simplify the way you work with your accounts. With the Wallester platform, basic financial processes are greatly simplified, and the entire cycle of dealing with vendors. Starting from receiving an invoice to paying it is accelerated.
  3. Complete control of your company’s expenses. You can set up a transaction request option through the platform, reconcile costs online, and conduct all transactions without delay.
  4. Monitor financial transactions online. The platform can generate detailed reports on money movement in real-time. With this feature, it’s easy to monitor the company’s finances.
  5. Optimize financial accounting. The Wallester platform is easy to integrate into the existing financial system of the company. It allows you to instantly export data into your system, create card programs for different teams and projects, control corporate expenses, set individual limits, and make sure that all projects stay within the set budget.

Using a flexible WhiteLabel solution, the Wallester platform allows you to produce branded cards with custom designs. Such a product is guaranteed to get a company to market quickly, make it more popular and increase customer loyalty. In addition, any card issued by the Wallester platform can be added to the digital wallets of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, allowing their holders not to limit themselves in their payment methods.


The primary consumers of solutions from Wallester

Using the Wallester platform is relevant for businesses in any field:

  • consumer lending;
  • granting business loans;
  • banking;
  • fintech;
  • peer-to-peer lending;
  • tourism, etc.

In all of the above areas, Wallester solutions will help to optimize the most complex financial processes and increase the efficiency of interaction with customers, suppliers, and partners. With the help of the Wallester platform, you can save time and money on the launch and maintenance of card programs, increase the loyalty of employees and clients to the company, and generally increase its profits.


Popular Products

Through the Wallester platform, physical and virtual cards can be issued. Their purpose can be anything. They can be prepaid or credit cards, single-use, and multi-use payment facilities. But if you want the most convenient alternative to cash, the best solution is to issue debit cards. You can use them to make instant payments anywhere in the world.

A debit card https://wallester.com/cards/debit-card is a multifunctional and easy-to-use payment instrument. It has extended functionality and is reliably protected from fraudsters. They make any financial operations easy and fast. You can use debit cards to pay for goods and services in payment terminals and online and withdraw cash from them in ATMs worldwide. Cards are connected to the bank account of their holder and allow you to use all funds on it.

Visa debit cards have the following advantages:

  1. Versatility. You can use the debit card immediately after the issue. You will have immediate access to your funds in your bank account. It is possible to pay for any goods in shops and online and withdraw cash at any time and in any ATMs worldwide.

  2. Comfort. The holder can view the information on debit card transactions online at any time. It helps to control one’s expenses and plan them.

  3. Security. All Visa debit card transactions are reliably protected from fraud and financial losses. It is ensured by using reliable and proven Chip&PIN technology. If the card is lost, the holder will receive it anew with the total amount of funds in the account. It advantageously distinguishes debit cards from cash, which cannot be returned if lost.

  4. Reliability. If the service provider was insolvent or the order paid by card failed to arrive or was damaged, the Visa cardholder is guaranteed a full refund of the spent money.

To start your debit card program, contact Wallester. Our user-friendly, feature-rich platform will help you streamline your company’s financial system and make your business more profitable. For more information about our services, call us at the numbers listed on our website or leave a request online.


About the Author:

Denis Ljubimov is a Content, demand gen and FinTech professional, who writes about fintech, finance, banking and is also spreading the word about Wallester (https://wallester.com/). Get in touch!