According to the DVSA’a own data, nearly half of MOT failures are completely avoidable. There are some problems that often mean a car will fail its MOT – such as a faulty suspension system – that the average motorist can do little to resolve. In common with things like high emissions, suspension problems really need professional input to put right. That said, there are very simple maintenance checks car owners in London can do to make sure their vehicle stands the best chance of passing. Visit Elite Direct for the best MOT service in London! For now, here is what you should be checking before booking your next MOT.

Light Checks

The DVSA’s statistics reveal that lights are the most common reason for cars to fail their MOTs. Usually, this is down to nothing more than a bulb that should’ve been replaced. Almost one in five cars that fail their MOTs in the UK fall into this category. In fact, such is the nature of problem with faulty headlamps, indicators and brake lights that the DVSA has created an instructional video to help people look after them. Remember that your fog light and reversing lights must also be fully functioning to pass an MOT.

Poor Tyres

Over 7 per cent of all MOT failures in the most recent reporting period were down to faulty tyres. Ill-fitting tyres may cause a failure but the most common reasons for them leading to failures is that they are under the incorrect level of pressure or too worn down. Reinflating tyres is easy while driving on old, worn tyres is dangerous and something to be avoided regardless of whether you have an MOT coming up.

Brake Function

Around one in ten cars that are tested will fail their inspection because of faulty brakes. Worn-down brake pads are relatively inexpensive to replace. Usually, you will notice they are not as good at stopping you as they once were because you hear squealing when the brake is applied or the pedal starts to feel a little spongey. Make sure your brake fluid is topped up, as well.

Driver Visibility

An astonishing number of cars won’t pass their MOTs in a given year because the driver cannot see properly. Typically, this will come down to faulty wiper motors or worn-down wiper blades. Insufficient screenwash can cause visibility problems as can cracks in your windscreen. Make sure that your rearview mirror and side mirrors are in good condition, as well, since they may lead to MOT failures, too.