The newest console from Sony is the PS5 and it was released well over a year ago now. There were huge waiting lists for customers to buy one back at the end of 2020 with thousands missing out initially. There have been restocks since, with waves of new consoles available but with stock issues still a common theme globally, is this set to change?

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To explain the delivery issues with the PS5, it’s worth looking into why there has been a shortage in the first place. The answers lie within the raw materials required to produce the semiconductor elements of the devices. This has been explained by Sony, as an issue which has stemmed from a ‘global increase in demand for electronics’. With production issues ongoing, it doesn’t seem as though there will be a definitive fix to the backlog any time soon.

However, it will be possible for many to get their hands on PS5 consoles, with a target of 15 million set for the next calendar year by Sony themselves. This is a reduced figure from an initial target of 16 million. Sony CEO Jim Ryan cited “historic demand for (the) PS5” and looked to allay frustration saying that Sony understands “that inventory constraints remain a source of frustration for many of our customers” but they are ‘laser focused’ on doing everything possible to ship as many units as possible in the coming months.

The electronics giant will no doubt have one eye on huge retail & ecommerce opportunities later in 2022 (such as Black Friday & Christmas as focuses to solve production issues. If there is no solution by this point, there will no doubt be missed opportunities and targets as well as some unhappy gamers.

If you’re looking to acquire a PS5 console right away, we’ve compiled a list of some popular in store and online retailers who either have stock or soon will have. Take a look at the list below to guide your efforts:


Amazon – The guys at Amazon restocked the PS5 in both digital and disc editions in April 2021. Both were sold out within an hour and Amazon updated the availability to prioritise Prime members. The advice here is to make sure you add the console to your wishlist and sign up for a prime membership!


Argos – With regular restocks (usually in the middle of the night) and in store purchases of consoles available, Argos is one of the more consistent retailers when it comes to availability. The website isn’t amazing, many have found success through the Android app.


Asda – Any drops at Asda have sold out very quickly indeed. The supermarket retailer often stocks bundle deals where you get a game (and possibly) controller alongside the console.


Currys – Currys used to use a ‘priority pass’ in an attempt to be as fair as possible. Now though, you can expect general sale restocks pretty regularly.


EE – If you are an EE customer, you can buy a console through them. Customers are required to be on a minimum 12 month contract to be eligible.

Game – One of the most consistent retailers there is when it comes to PS5 consoles. There are very often bundles available with many restocks on the consoles also.


John Lewis & Partners – The last John Lewis drop was in May 2021. Their stock tends to be small, so act quick if you’re to stand a chance. Best times to attempt to buy are between 7-8am.


Universal restocks are pencilled for June, so keep an eye out on the respective stores / portals of these retailers to make sure you can grab the PS5 you desire!