Swansea BID Paints the City Centre Red for Beaujolais Day 2021

Swansea’s iconic Castle Square fountain has turned red for Beaujolais Day 2021 – as the city centre celebrates the biggest day in its social calendar.

Swansea BID (Business Improvement District) is wishing its city centre businesses a busy and successful Beaujolais Day as they roll out their special menus and events. Swansea BID Chief Executive, Russell Greenslade, said: “We are pleased to see so many of our BID area businesses getting on board with Beaujolais Day 2021 on Thursday 18 November and we are pleased to ‘paint the town red’ by colouring the Castle Square fountain red for the big day as visitors head into the city centre to enjoy the unrivalled hospitality we have to offer.

As a BID we are putting more money into operations to support visitors and our hospitality sector businesses. On Beaujolais Day we are supplying two new Night Marshals to start work in the city centre at 5pm, supporting our businesses security team and police partners. And there will be a boosted team on Friday and Saturday night, too. Our venues all continue to take their public safety responsibilities very seriously and we know they are working hard to ensure the highest possible safety standards so people can feel confident and relaxed on their nights out. We are pleased to see Swansea hospitality businesses embracing Beaujolais Day – an event which has become crucial to the local economy, and we are pleased to be supporting them in this. Beaujolais Day is one of the key calendar dates for city centre businesses and the event is good for our businesses across clothing, beauty, and, of course hospitality. Let’s continue to work hard to make it safe and enjoyable.”